a colourful journey

The regular reader will know that we have a slightly feast or famine DSCN1666approach to blogging and this is no different!

We are taking the next simple step approach! In blogging and in life!

In this post we have recent shots of  our Samunnat home. We have refined our security measures (you don’t see DSCN1649jagged glass security fences like this in the west!) and are looking much more settled in our space.  We love our home.

Four ladies and one little boy are living here at the moment. One of these ladies, Kausila, is running a DSCN1646small snack shop (Khaja Ghar) in one of the shops next door. It is very convenient for our ladies!!  She has been busy making sel roti (a sort of sweet rice donut) for festivals.

Durga went to a tailoring training in Kathmandu and has come back with fantastic skills.  She is looking at augmenting her DSCN1642income by training others in her skills. There is a buzz of excitement that helps to overcome the extreme sadness we feel about the state of our country. We are almost paralysed by the fuel crisis which has resulted from protest blockades on the border. Many believe that, given the are organised by minority groups,  strife is being fomented and sustained by India.  Whatever the cause, it has now cost us more financially than the earthquake and slowed earthquake recovery enormously. It is very hard to stay positive and we need our local successes to hang in there and keep taking one simple step…

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey