a colourful journey

The other wonderful thing that has happened in past weeks is that we have been able to move to a MUCH better office. Thanks to donations, we can now afford something much more suitable and the transformation is profound.

old_office2From a one room dustbowl with poor light, a cacophonous soundtrack, no privacy and highway frontage, we now have four rooms in the ground floor of a home less than ten minutes walk from the highway but light years away in terms of sound and dust.

There is one room with good natural lighting where we do the beading and claying; one room for training and meeting and where we will hold the bulk of our New Start program; one room that serves as an office and interview room for the new ladies who come to ask for help and one room which will be for storage.

For the first time, we have funds to actually BUY some furniture so have got some second hand tables and chairs that are so much more comfortable. We also plan to have some storage which will be a vast improvement on the “bags of bags” system we have primarily used to date! It is “ekdam shanti”-very peaceful.

You can see the exterior in the these photos and get a glimpse of some of us at work. The ladies in this photo came in especially on a Saturday to work on an order we had from the Association of Craft Producers (ACP). We are very happy with the new place and had the first board meeting there a week ago. We’d welcome visitors.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey