a colourful journey

The ladies at Samunnat want to say so many things to the people who help us.  Thinking about the latest developments with the building, Kopila sat with them and recorded and then translated their messages.  We will post them all over the next couple of days and where posDSCN0895sible, we will put each message next to a photo of the messenger!  We hope that to a small extent at least, it conveys what we would say if we could personally thank all of you who make our journey so much easier. Those of you who have met the ladies will be able to hear their voices I know.

Manisha says: First, I want to thank Ron dai (big brother) and Cynthia didi (big sister) very very much. We are a very small organisation where we can’t even think about using our donated land as building is too expensive. It was just a dream but now it is like magic has happened and now we are going to build a house for Samunnat. We have no DSCN2270limitation to our happiness. No words can express our happiness and you all who have helped us will all always be in our dream.

Sita says: For a long time, we  have been moving and moving to different houses and we don’t feel comfortable or settled.  But now, this will change and I want to thank all the people who donated to us so we could stop movingDSCN0657 after we build.

Pramila says: I am very happy. I would like to say to all the friends of Samunnat that even though they have never seen us, they have given us the gift of permanence to stay and to grow. They are like a family.

DSCN2175And finally, for today, Gita says: Even though we got the land, still we can’t think about building a house for our office. But now our dream has come true because of your love and what you have done for us.  In English, Gita wrote three times Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

Don’t forget that we have been adding goodies to the etsy shop and that there are some new designs available. Have a browse and see what the ladies have been making while all the excitement has been happening!  We will publish more of the ladies’ messages tomorrow.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey