a colourful journey

Kumari, along with Gita, Ambika and Sharmila, was one of the first ladies to become involved with Samunnat and DSCN1785consequently, the polymer jewellery. She is very busy as she also manages the Cooperative which is run independently of Samunnat (but is, somewhat confusingly we know, called the Samunnat cooperative!) Kumari remembersearly on when Kopila, Wendy and the others talked about a dream of one day having a Samunnat home.  Kumari says she is grateful to the people that even had that dream way back in the beginning.  She says: We always have had this dream of a permanent office but now your love, support and your connection-especially Dr. Ron dai-makes this more than a dream. Thank you for all the love, all the support. (We hope Kumari doesn’t mind that in her photo she is eating! It is appropriate because Kumari is a great cook!

Kopila has so much she wants to say to Dr. Ron dai, to Cynthia didi, to all the people who have donated.  She hopes to maybe be able to talk with some of them in a skype call soon.  She says: Even if I do not remember each of the names of all the people who have donated, there have been so many, my thanks is still deep and I still think of you as friends. Copy of DSC04084 I can hardly thank you enough because the dream is come true. Without this love and support we would never have this chance, this opportunity to build. When we do start  the building, when we have our building, I wish each of our supporters and friends would come to see us and to see our joy and happiness that we have this connection. 

I (Wendy) can’t really add too much to this. I have been overwhelmed by people’s generosity, every message that people wrote has been passed onto the ladies and Board and translated. The Board members are so energised by what has happened and we hope that photos and posts will convey this over time.  I underestimated the impact that actually having a physical building would have on the standing of the organisation in the town and what this has meant to the women.  It has been beyond our dreams and, as we have said again and again, we are unable to say how grateful we are.

We have a busy time ahead-apart from starting the building process. I will be in Birtamod in a few weeks and, in possibly the trickiest time of the year to do much (the monsoon), we are hoping to be ready to launch our new designs that we are working on with Paulette of Kazuri and Helen Breil.  We will remain enigmatically silent about these but stay tuned for news and photos!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey