a colourful journey

I came to Samunnat Nepal when I was in trouble.  My son (7 years) and I were left alone in a rented room by my husband and his family during the Festival time.  I had no money to pay the rent or buy food.  We had nowhere to live.

LalitaFor a short time, we lived with my aunty’s family but they are also very poor and could not afford for us to stay with them.  I did not have any skills to get a job to earn any money but in 2069 it was a new beginning for my life.  I came to Samunnat Nepal where I got to know they were helping women like me in a different way.  They were giving them skills in their office or sending them to Kathmandu to get advanced skills.  Samunnat sent me and my son to Casa Nepal (the hostel for Project Apeiron) and I started basic to advanced computer skills training.  As well, I learnt accounting and graphic design training for 6 months.  Project Apeiron paid for my son’s enrolment in a very nice English medium Primary School.

 As well as learning the computer skills I also did some short courses learning knitting, weaving and candle making.  I received advocacy training, health training, information about human rights, legal rights and lots of other information. These things were so helpful for me. I got this training and went to the Bar Association and learnt about the legal court processes. Now I feel confident to fight for my rights and while I was in Kathmandu was able to assist one of my friends when she had to deal with police about her case.  Her husband was a policeman who had left her and their children. As a result of our efforts, the Police awarded that she would receive some of his salary to provide for herself and her children.  I felt like this was also my victory.

 These are the things that make me feel so proud of myself and now I feel I can live independently.  Now I have returned to Birtamod and want to be able to help other women who are in my situation.  I would like to thank Samunnat Nepal and Project Apeiron for helping me.  I hope Samunnat and Casa Nepal can help other women who are in trouble. Happy New Year (2070) to all the people who read this.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey