a colourful journey

Some aspects of building a home are different in Nepal. It’s very hands on!  Much more is done…by hand!  Materials Exif_JPEG_PICTUREare gathered and kept on site. One needs to be awake to the possibility of people trying to sell you poor quality materials; one needs to be regularly on site monitoring progress, weather, neighbours, livestock etc. We are so lucky that our wonderful Board members havbuilding Maye been very vigilant and visit the site of our new home very often to check that everyone is doing what they should be.

The monsoon appears to have started early this year so we have to use a machine to get rid of excess water. In spite of this, the beginning of our columns are in place – steel rods braced with more steel and surrounded by a wooden form into which concrete is poured. All the components of the concrete are mixed on site and, in lieu of a conveyor belt, our very own human conveyor belt kicks into gear!

photoOH and S is different in Nepal as these shots of other construction sites show! They must have forgotten the safety harnesses and helmets when the photographer arrived.  We will be EKDAM careful on ours!

We carry deep within our hearts the knowledge that none of this would be possible if not for the amazing generosity of so many people. Even now, people are touched by our project and donatingExif_JPEG_PICTURE to us. Encouraging us to dare to think a little more bravely; to raise our expectations a little higher; to go for the fans, the stairs that may one day lead to a second floor, the grill that will make our building secure at night. To all of you, thank you and keep visiting to see our future grow!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey