a colourful journey

Walls oneNepali people get good at waiting.  By necessity.  You wait for buses, you wait for parcels, you wait for democracy. You wait for people in the capital to realise that there is a whole lot of country beyond Kathmandu needing help.  You wait for big organisations and INGOs to realise that often the small, grass roots community organisations are often where the action that makes a difference is really happening (sorry, just jumped on a little hobby horse of mine there)  Nothing really comes easy.  And sometimes waiting is very hard.  Waiting for parcels of clay when you have run out and have an order to fill is VERY hard.  And you are reminded again and againWalls three how sometimes, you have very little control over how things will turn out.

And then things happen to remind you that some of the things you worry about are not worth worrying about. Especially if you can’t do anything! You can be frustrated and sad and apologetic about the consequences, but cut worry off the list!  We stop worrying about clay and late buses and start thinking about what really matters.  Wellness and health and being able to get what it needs to recover.

During the last few weeks, one of our darling, hard working, talented and wonderful ladies has been very, very sick.  MK was hospitalised at BPK Hospital in Dharan for many days.  She endured many tests while the doctors worked out what was wrong and she then received medicine from a drip.  Every single aspect of health care costs money in Nepal. And health care is different.  Her patient  party, usually family and Walls twofriends, attended to her in hospital, feeding her, washing her, going out to buy the bits of the drip, the antibiotics prescribed.  The costs build up fast and many people in Nepal simply can’t afford health care.  At Samunnat, we were able to help MK and her family pay some of those bills.  She continued to receive her wage while she was in hospital and she is now at home and slowly recovering.  We could not do this without the wonderful support we have had.

And we could not post this photo of walls of our buidling going up either!  The monsoon is over, the weather is cooling down and our building is continuing apace!  It is so exciting for us to get a better sense of what it will be like.  MK will be so surprised when she sees how much it has grown.  We could say it in every post really….we probably do….THANK YOU.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey