a colourful journey

They’re baaaack!

The magnificent nativity scenes are back in stock on our etsy shop and they go fast!  My advice, not that we are saying anything critical against the fill in post master, is to order NOW and get your set posted BEFORE Wendy heads back to Nepal in mid October.  Obviously, orders after then will be dealt with as promptly as possible but it might just be a tiny bit less promptly. Better to be safe than sorry.

They really are a labour of love and absolutely magnificent.  The designs reflect the personalities of the artists who created them. Facial expressions of the figures vary and clothing is inspired by traditional Nepali clothes. Joseph wears a Nepali dakka topi and carries a tradtional Nepali khukri knife to protect his precious family. Our shepherd is dressed like a goat herd from the hilly regions. Mary wears her wedding necklace and bangles with her sari and the kings are vividly coloured and bejewelled. Some kings are young and groovy with black hair and others are wise and greying. We have given the kings Nepali names too!
Those of you who work with polymer can imagine how long it takes to craft just one set and will know why numbers are limited!!! The figures are presented in a traditional Nepali Thauli drawstring purse sewn from dakka. The pictures don’t really convey just how gorgeous they are! If you didn’t snap one up last Christmas, get one this time.

(And…there’s some exciting news to come very soon!)


A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey