a colourful journey

Have a look at this page….can you see two familiar names there?Synergy_horiz_new

In amidst that host of polymer luminaries?

Our own Kopila and Wendy?

Yes indeed.  To their utter delight, Kopila and Wendy will give the Closing Gala Dinner presentation at the IPCA Conference,  EuroSynergy in Malta in April/ May 2014.   The conference theme is Together: New Vision and you’d have to say Samunnat has some pretty good examples of that!  In our  presentation we are going to have the chance to personally thank many, many of the people who have nurtured Samunnat. At Synergy in Atlanta this year, thanks to the amazing efforts of Ron Lehocky and Cynthia Tinapple, over $12,000 was raised to get our home happening.

In Malta, we can say a whopping great thank you and show photos of what has been achieved thanks to people’s generosity.  We can deliver hugs to everyone has donated so much in so many ways.  We don’t know who will be there but even just looking at the presenters list, we think there will be a lot of thank you hugs!

We will thank Maggie Maggio and Lindly Haunani for encouragement and designs from a long way back; we can thank Melanie West for donating the magnificent Travelling Sisterhood Necklace which is currently heading to Belgium and Prague; we can thank Carol, Christi and everyone involved in coordinating that journey.  And to personally meet some of the people who have sent us emails of such encouragement and love will be incredible.

As well as saying thank you, we will have the most exciting chance to immerse ourselves in polymer learning that we have ever had.  Neither of us has ever attended anything like this and we are over the moon with excitement.  Breathless at the possibilities for learning that present themselves at EuroSynergy-in the workshops, the presentations, and just in meeting and talking with so many people who have such a wealth of experience.  How can we possibly decide what to attend?  We wish we could clone ourselves and attend EVERYTHING!  We will be meeting so many of our HEROES!  We will try to absorb every second to bring that knowledge and excitement and energy back to Birtamod where the notion of a conference like EuroSynergy is very hard to imagine.  That many polymer clayers in one place!  That much collective wisdom, energy, generosity and spirit.

Maybe some of you can come to EuroSynergy!  We’d love to meet you personally and say Namaste.  And thank you!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey