a colourful journey

imageAnd now it’s a waiting game! Our roof has been poured and we must wait 28 days for it to dry. Kopila and I carefully explored the growing structure last week, mentally rearranging rooms and working out where we needed to knock out additional windows.

In Nepal, where power is inconsistent ( to say the least) good natural light is critical.  Building regulations mean that adjacent buildings can be surprisingly close on narrow blocks of land but our decision to go ahead with purchasing a strip of land for raising cows and seedlings as income generating options means that we can now create a proper window without fear of it being millimetres away from the neighbours wall! We are being offered the land at a very good price. Affordable and way below the market value.image

It is exciting to see where the workroom will be and to imagine how much better organised we can be with larger space and more storage options. With increasing work, we are training some new ladies and really feeling the pressures of our small ( albeit sunny) room here in our rented building.

imageIn the past couple of weeks, several long standing court cases have been resolved for two of our ladies.  One received training in Photoshop skills as well as legal support and she is now working in a Photo lab locally. Another is back with her parents feeling safe and financially secure for the first time in years.  There are still many complex issues facing the ladies and at times problems can seem overwhelming but we are all very excited with the future we can see ahead.  Yesterday in the office we talked about the one thing we needed and most ladies said it was their good health. Here’s to good health.



A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey