a colourful journey

Life does not always go smoothly and to be frank, we could do with a bit more smooth lately! One of the things frustrating us is that, as we are trying to complete the biggest order we have ever had, parcels of desperately needed clay, some purchased over two months ago, have been slow arriving. Like….not arriving!image

We knew the parcels had arrived in Kathmandu but then for weeks they seem to have vanished.  Many increasingly frustrated phone calls yielded no joy. A few days ago, we were told that two were in the Kathmandu GPO so a dear friend spent a day there, only to be told late in the day that they had actually been sent on to the next big centre.  Several phone calls were made and we finally established that at least one, and possibly all parcels were there.

And this is where our hero comes in. This is not the first time that Sushil, Kopila’s brother has been a hero. He makes a bit of a practice of it in his quiet, unassuming way. This time, Sushil spent over 5 hours today driving to the centre, picking up one parcel ( for reasons totally beyond some of us…the one failing Equanimity 101…we could only get one box. The bag containing the other box/es could not be opened.) and then bringing it two hours up the highway to us as we slipped the last skerrick of white clay into the pasta machine. If he had not come, we could not have continued with the order.

Sushil hopes to get the remaining two boxes on Friday and onto a bus so we get them that afternoon. Bhai, we salute you. Dherai dhanyabad!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey