a colourful journey

On Wednesday, our office was filled with excited laughter and the sound of crisp notes imagebeing counted. Sita came in with her first earnings from selling Laxmi’s milk. She had made 300/- (approx AU$3) and was banking some, paying off some of her loan and sharing her joy.
Everyone was thrilled for her. We all gathered around to talk about how it was all going, to congratulate her and encourage her.

Cows have figured often in our conversations of late. We are thinking about the care of the cows that will live on the land next to our new home. The plan is that Maya* ( read Maya’s story here) will be able to earn a living from selling the milk of one of two cows Samunnat will purchase. We have also become aware that Maya’s current living situation is not so good and are dreaming about other plans. More of that soon.

For the light obsessed among us, the discovery yesterday that the extra windows in the imageworkroom had finally been knocked out was a cause for whoops of relieved delight. To some the order of events in the house building process were perplexing, nay confounding. Putting in electrical fittings where the windows were meant to be was alarming to the one banging on relentlessly about the need for natural light. This light obsessed woman was worried that the appearance of the power point where the window should be was imagethe death knell for the windows. She made foolish statements like I can live without an inside toilet but we must have good natural light. Not that one depended on the other in any way, but the apparent absence of the toilet walls was also…confounding… and she, unlike anyone else, was getting a bit irrational.

Anyway, as it turned out, the power point was where the window was knocked out from but that was easily fixed and hey, it wasn’t a big deal. Our new workroom will now be light even when the electricity isn’t available. And the excited whoop was extra loud because toilet walls suddenly appeared as imagewell.

Early on, when we anguished about whether we could afford to put in steps up to our as yet unaffordable second floor, we took the plunge, paid the extra money and did. You can see our cement didi carrying cement up to finish off the roof. We are really glad we did.

More very soon.
*Not her real name

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey