a colourful journey

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To everybody who has supported us in such encouraging ways and with such generosity…


We can not really express how grateful we are for your generous and loving support. Your support has so much meaning for us. Yes, your financial support makes a BIG difference but we are also overwhelmed by the many messages people have sent to encourage us in our work and in our journey together – a journey we make here in Nepal with you all over the world.

Thanks to you we will have a large sunny room to work in. We will have somewhere to store our supplies and products. We will have a light airy kitchen with water inside! We will have a toilet inside! We will have a room to do our training in and an office where people can talk privately about their problems and start to plan solutions. We will have room for our micro finance cooperative. We can spend the money we used to spend on rent on solutions. And NOW, thanks to you, our ladies will have our second storey.

Kumari and her son will care for our building with devotion and gratitude. Bishnu (Maya) will finally have a home, a place to stay where she is accepted for the beautiful person she is; and one other lady will have somewhere permanent to live.They will be able to make a meaningful life, to move ahead.

Thanks to you, ladies who travel from far away will have somewhere to stay while they are doing all the work entailed in getting their rights and learning the skills they need to live independently. Last week I could say to a lady who was giving up her case because she could not afford accommodation, “Don’t give up. Come back in three months and you can stay here while you work it out.” She was too happy.

Thanks to you, now we do not have to move from one place to another. We can really settle. We can unpack knowing that we won’t be packing up again in six months or one year. We can hang our much travelled Samunnat sign and people can know we will be here when they return. This is a huge thing for us. We have our permanent address.

This is all thanks to you.

We will indeed RAISE THE ROOF. We will sing and dance and laugh and tell our stories. We will thrive and grow and help as many other women as we can to escape violence and vulnerability and to live fulfilling and independent lives.Thank you.

Happy Christmas and much love,
Kopila, Wendy and the ladies of Samunnat

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey