a colourful journey

photo 1The regular readers of this blog will know that here in Nepal we do like our bright colours!  So it will come as no surprise that our new home is going to reflect our tastes!!!  Exterior painting is slower as we wait for the cement to really dry and in many cases the exterior painting is not completed until after 12 months or so.

Inside? Well, that is another story!!!  With our moving in date getting ever closer there is frenzied activity (using the Nepali sense of the word frenzied) and light fittings are being adjusted, windows and doors fitted and painting internal walls.  Our need for light means that we have notphoto 2 gone for the really strong dark, bright colours we may initially have chosen but are using bright, light colours.  This is particularly the case in our workroom (with its two fabulously well located big windows) where we are using a very light bright yellow colour.  (Or so I am told. The photos would indicate otherwise? Ed. Smilingly) And then in the corridors there is a pink, beloved of many Nepali interiors.  The ultramarine blue door leads to our internal toilet.  Woo hoo!!!!

Very rangi changi indeed!

photo 4You will notice in these very latest photos that the work on the second storey has started. The stair well has been rendered and a small verandah for safety purposes has been built. Always a good thing.  It will be rather noisy working downstairs with all the building activity going on upstairs but we will be happy to know that all the noise is for a good cause!


A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey