a colourful journey

Amnesty Afghan imageAs we prepare for our talk at the Eurosynergy conference in Malta, we have been thinking a lot about the sisterhood, the connections between women all around the world.  In our talk preparation, we have been thinking about the mind-blowingly positive impact that has had for us (and we are obviously using sister in a very inclusive way as we have wonderful brothers but it spoils the segue to say that! We just think of you all as one of the girls!)

We also feel connected to our sisters in other countries who are still fighting to have their voices heard; who face similar difficulties to us; who are scared and oppressed and frightened.  Thank goodness for organisations like Amnesty International for their tireless work in fighting for human rights over the world.  So today, we encourage ANY of you who read our blog and who have not already signed this petition to do so now and read more about the campaign here.

Afghanistan is beginning a new chapter, with the withdrawal of foreign troops and the election of a new President. With international support, brave local activists have spurred some real progress on women’s rights over the past decade — but there are still ultra-conservative factions determined to see this progress undone.

It’s essential that the incoming President knows the world will not tolerate a return to Taliban-era repression of women and girls.  Help Ming Yu and her team reach the target of 100,000 signatures to present to Afghan’s decision makers in a couple of months.



A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey