a colourful journey

new sign
moving pile
new sign
puja for moving

From Kopila


Today was the very important day for all of us. We did the puja and we enter in the house.

The photos show the moving process and Sharmila and Kumari with our sign outside the building.  Thanks to so much support, we can put this sign up and LEAVE IT THERE!!!

People can know where they need to come to find help.

We are glad Kopila took photos amidst all the excitement of the puja and moving.

You can see that we hired a truck to move everything. Our new building is within walking distance of the old but we have some very heavy book shelves and awkward shaped bits and pieces.

More photos to follow! I am on the way to Nepal now, via WOMAD in Adelaide, and will update the blog as I can. We are all very excited.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey