a colourful journey

There’s a longer post coming but this is a quickie!

photoPaulette Walther, our bead distributing fairy godmother, sent us some money for a some housewarming sweets. Sweets are a real luxury here and sweets from Sangam Sweets are an even greater luxury!

In Nepal, at the misthan bhandar (sweet shop) sweets are generallyphoto milk, sugar and ghee based.  Some have pistachios, cashews, peanuts or carrot! Sangam is a well known company in Nepal and they have just set up a shop and restaurant in town.  The shop is beautifully set up with a huge choice.  Thanks to Paulette, we purchased enough for the ladies to have some at work and take home to children.



We think a lot about health and safety and have just started doing some high intensity exercise training as part of our week (Yes, Michael Mosley  and his fast fitness reach eastern Nepal!) and given the quantity of sweets we all ate, this was well timed!!!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey