a colourful journey


Where do we start?  Kopila and I are back from EuroSynergy 2014 in Malta. It was absolutely amazing. We are both a bit exhausted but the joy of meeting so many of the people who have supported Samunnat was MIND BOGGLING!!!!!

Our hope was that the people there would realise what a significant part of our IMG_2560story they were.  We wanted them to see just what a difference they were making to other women. We wanted them to share our over-the-moon excitement at having our own place after so long.

Cynthia Tinapple (who is in Birtamod visiting the ladies now as we speak!!) began the conference talking about the power of story. We see every day how having a new story can transform a woman’s life.  And therefore, often her family’s story as well.  We shared Samunnat’s story…the story of individuals who weren’t sure if they were up to the task but who wanted to make a difference.  We shared the stories of some of our ladies, women who had to challenge and IMG_2455overcome cultural messages about living with violence.  We shared the story of how the care and love and support of a community of artists from all over the world kept us strong when we felt weak; provided us with energy when we felt tired; and gave us courage when we felt scared.

We also had a table to sell Samunnat products and were overjoyed to see people walking around wearing our work.  A highlight was when a number of people told us that they didn’t buy our pieces just to help us but because they were lovely pieces of jewellery that they were delighted to wear! This meant so much to us!IMG_2476  Every single one of the flower mala in this post sold!!!

To actually MEET some of our friends face to face was…hard to put into words….humbling.  Many tears were shed.

We attended workshops which were so valuable-packed IMG_2507full of information we can share with the ladies back in Jhapa.  People continued to be so generous and over the next few posts we will talk about this in more detail. For now, check out some of the photos and feel the lurve!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey