a colourful journey

Here is Kopila with the lovely Kim Korringa who encouraged Cynthia to teach us to make her flower earringsThe regular reader will know that there is a close and mystical link between this blog here and Samunnat’s A Colourful Journey. If you simply can’t get enough Eurosynergy energy you may want to read this post from the other blog!

It was back home to reality with a bang for Kopila. (In the photo on the left she is enjoying Malta’s cooler weather with Kim Korringa who was her charming assistant in Maggie Maggio’s class) One seriously delayed box of clay supplies meaning we are totally out of white (despite ordering big blocks by the dozen!!) and weather that was truly awful. Unseasonably hot weather which was accompanied by swarms of mosquitoes!  Not what we wanted for the visit of Cynthia Tinapple, Blair and her other travellingIMG_2421 companions!  However, as you learn really fast in Nepal, there are a lot of things beyond your control and so Cynthia and the gang stayed as long as humanly possible then left to prepare for their trek in Upper Mustang. When she returns to internet contact, we look forward to hearing her thoughts on our new home!!  And sharing the latest photos.

One of our goals for Eurosynergy was to learn as much new information as we could that we could share with the ladies back here. It was really hard to decide what would be the best to attend given the wondrous choices and we would have liked to have been able to clone ourselves.  We did our best though and teachers were so generous in helping us work out how to best get the details over back here.  IMG_2420We felt (feel!!) a great sense of pressure to immediately be able to come home and relay ALL we have learnt but that is simply not gong to be possible. We know there will be a time of gestation (for want of a better word) and working out how to translate, at many levels, what we have learnt into information that will be useful for the ladies.  How to convey information so that they can use the strategies learnt to express their own voice.

We can’t wait to share with them the vision and scope of Dan Cormier’s Broken Internet Project,IMG_2438 the wealth of techniques learnt in workshops and seminars from Lindly Haunani, Angela Garrod, Sue Heaser, Melanie West, Maggie Maggio, Ronna Sarvas Weltman, Bettina Welker, Tracy Holmes and Dan Cormier and so many others.

It was not just the formal presentations though.  We were on the receiving end of so much generosity from so many participants.  People who had heard about the project in Nepal and wanted to help however they could. Karen Woods and Alison Gallant donated silk screens, Anke Humpert and Martina Weller donated a copy of Trends in the European Polymer Clay Scene.  So IMG_2528many more people have offered to help. And this generosity is obviously not limited to Eurosynergy. We came home to a fabulous box stuffed chocabloc full of goodies from Kimberly Idalski, Joey Barnes, Valerie Cook and Lucy and George Struncova of LC Tools. To all of you, we are so humbled, grateful and energised by this.

How we will convey all we learnt and felt and experienced to our darling ladies remains to be seen. A lot of it will happen when I (Wendy) head back in October. And maybe some of it can happen when some of you visit us when you come to trek in Nepal.  Hint, hint.

But, we think Cynthia would say, not in MAY!!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey