a colourful journey

Just as well we are not putting up with generator noise (did we mention that the oven is DSCN0149magnificent?) as we are putting up with much banging, not to mention water, from the building process upstairs.

Someone’s nagging about windows last visit made an impression because the windows upstairs will be fantastic. Not to mention planned! So much so that the room equivalent to our current workroom is so attractive to the ladies that we will move up there! As well as being light, it has more wall space and will afford privacy and give the Cooperative space toDSCN0144 operate downstairs.

The walls and roof are complete and rendering is now taking place. Water constantly runs on the concrete (and everywhere) so it is a bit like the monsoon except not hot and sticky! Kopila took the opportunity of educating one of the labourers about the evils of child marriage when she heard that the woman had engaged her 12 year old daughter to be married.  This is illegal but still widely practised in Nepal especially in indigenous communities. The bottom line came when the woman suggested that her daughter was happy about the whole arrangement and Kopila basically said she would report her to the authorities.  So much to do in terms of education. This young girl and her mother know no real alternative. this seems to them to DSCN0270be the way of securing a stable future. Her mother carries cement on her head and wants her daughter to have a different life. Maybe marriage to an older man while she is still a child will help? Easy for us to see it won’t but until she learns and experiences an alternative, the old ways look safe.

Januka, one of the younger labourers looks longingly each day at the ladies doing theDSCN0268 jewellery work. We struggle with having to limit ourselves to work sustainably. Wishing we could help everyone.  We keep working on new ideas hoping that we can help as many as possible.

Feast your eyes on the progress shots!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey