a colourful journey

Phew!!! What a ride this has been!! We have heard about all the lovely comments and hope that some people come to start reading our blog after hearing about this challenge. And we love that the whole world gets to see beautiful polymer from artists all over the world.  We sometimes can’t believe all the different things that people make.

We wanted to include our Bindu beads because to some extent, they are our bread andDSCN0013_resized butter. We sell versions of these loose to non polymer artists via Paulette’s Walther’s website Kazuri West.  Paulette persisted with us at a time when we were scared, nervous and getting in our own way. She opened our eyes to new possibilities and helped us to face our fears, communicate better and work more efficiently.  The beads in this necklace are a twist on the beads we make for Paulette and all the ones we made for the Australian galleries before Christmas we sold. We also did our first custom order where a gallery asked for a specific colour and we were able to respond! This may sound so small but these baby steps are big for us and part of learning to stand and ultimately walk on our own feet.  We included this to say thank you to Paulette and to all the buyers in Australia who keep us going!
The rules: Post an image of your work on 5 days and each day nominate another person to participate.
Nomination: Any scared, frightened but determined polymer clay artist who is willing to risk her vulnerability and post his/ her work. Thank you Sabine, Ron, Anke and everyone else for the chance to show ours!
A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey