a colourful journey

One year ago my life was trapped.  I was thrown out from my in-laws house because my husband got married with another women.  My parents have 4 girls and only one son and their condition was not soIMG_0852 good so if I went back to them, it would be another burden for them.  I was totally broken with no job and nowhere to go.

In the mean time I got the message that one lady came to my friend’s house and talked about training in Kathmandu for six months.  I thought that might help me for at least some time.  After I learned more about the lady and her organisation called Samunnat I approached there.

Every year, some ladies from Samunnat have the chance to receive income training from a Kathmandu based NGO called Aperion Nepal. If you are selected, you can choose from various type of training.  I chose sewing and worked hard.  I completed the course and returned to Samunnat.
Because of Samunnat, I got opportunity to start sewing business in the new building.  In the beginning I only got two sewing machines but Samunnat helped me to buy three more.  Today I am so confident to keep my business to run. I train 6 ladies and local people trust me to make their outfits. Now I am not relying on to anybody, not even my family.  Samunnat has given me temporary accommodation and I am very happy with life.  I am independent and with lots of hope and can handle my business and my life.

I have a dream and am confident that if any other lady has a problem just like me and wants training of sewing I will help.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey