a colourful journey

A couple of months ago you read about Kausila here. She lives with her IMG_1004sister, Kalpana, in the Samunnat house. Recently Kalpana had some exciting news. Kopila tells the story:

The other other day, Kalpana gave me a letter from her school and said I was invited to her school Parents Day.  She was very excited and looked happy. I asked her, Why you are so happy?  She answered, You come to the school first. I thought that she must have some dancing items.

On the day of the program she rang me in the morning to remind me to go to her school.  I did remember the day because I wanted to make her feel happy by being present at the parents’ day.  I went to the school and in the program Kalpana performed in 3 different Nepali folks songs dance.  There was one I really loved and felt to cry when Kalpana danced to a song from the western part of Nepal Kalpana belongs to.  In that song she looked so happy and danced full of energy.

After the dance they had prize distribution so they started calling theIMG_0996 names in different categories. Suddenly they announced Kalpana’s name for being well disciplined.  I was so happy, my joyful moment was doubled.  After the program School Principal thanked me for giving them such a well disciplined student.  I thanked the whole school for giving her good education.  After the school function our Samunnat team congratulated Kalpana.

Here Kalpana writes:  When I first came to Samunnat I was totally in different place.  It takes a long time for me to feel at home because I missed everything.  I am from far western part of Nepal.  My family, my friends I missed.  I got admitted to the English school in class 8.  My friends were new but gradually things changed.  Now I got my friends and my family here in Samunnat. Now I feel home in Samunnat.  Before when I came home from school I felt like I am isolated.  Slowly I have my friends, good teachers and Samunnat ko Didi Haru [Samunnat big sisters].  Today I like to thank you all very much for giving me this strength to get good education; to Wendy Didi and Sarah Didi and to my dear Project Didi family.  Thank you very much.Danyabad

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey