a colourful journey

It is almost two years ago I attended one IPCA conference in Malta.  One of the workshops of Tracy Holmes I always remember. The class imagewas about the colour wheel. I tried to understand as much as I could but my problem was language. It was in English and I was struggling to get the clue of the colour. But in that class I started to get the sense of the colour. Two years later, last week, Wendy Didi came with the box of cards and I thought it might be the playing cards or may be some other purpose. It was the Breakthrough Colour Cards by Tracy Holmes. Wendy open the cards and started to stick on the wall and I was looking for the major colours. The first colour Cyan, then Magenta and yellow. Then our imagebrain started to spin with these secondary colours and connecting colours. Every day we had our quiz and we try to guess the colours from the numbers and then we match the cards.

We also learned the new words from the colours like Hue, value, Tint, Shade and Tone.  These words are now in our lips so we pronounce as our words like Nepali.  Now where ever we see the colour we start to think what numbers they are. We thought the imagetimber of the next door was painted with 455 and the wall 400. We had lots of fun with our lipstick, guessing the colour codes. We all choose our favourite colours and said if they were tint, tone or shade. We all liked colours in Cyan and Magenta families!

Tomorrow we are celebrating our New year 2073 so ignored the 7 and imagedecided that 203 would be the colour of the year. We all guessed it would be a cool green Tint. We hope this colour represent the best year for us. We really don’t want another year like last year again.

We would like to give a big thank to two people who have given us so much sense of colours: Tracy Holmes and our lovely Wendy Didi who gave very easy way of explaining where we could understand very easily. Thank you very much Didi.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey