a colourful journey

Yesterday Kopila wrote about getting to Germany. Here she writes about her stay there.  The good photos are taken by Georg!

img_0446It was a big relief after meeting with Wendy Didi and Malcolm Dai at the airport.  We made sure we caught planes that arrived at nearly the same time.  We spent two days in Munich and we visited some parts of the town.  After two days we headed 2 hours by a fast train to beautiful  Galerie Freisleben at Ubersee. We had a really great time meeting with friends from Nepal: Hanna, Josef and their three boys; and it was a big surprise to see Bishnu bhai and Gaby and their cute little baby Emma.  We met up with Maggie and Chuck and Cynthia Didi.  We had a  two Good Nepali dinner which we all cooked for everybody.  It was such a memorable time in Ubersee and we thank so lovely Ariane, Einhardt and Kerstin for giving us a home from home.

After spending 3 nights we were very close for the FIMO50 Gala night.  We came to Nurembergimg_0496 where the program was arranged and also had a very lovely time in Salzburg. The Gala night was very big and it was totally new excitement for me.   One of the really big thing was I was going to meet with very special people: Susanne, img_0675Ron Dai, Nils, Dani and Natalia and many beautiful friends.  The FIMO Birthday party was on 9th of September. Wendy Didi and I wore Sari with polymer clay Necklace.  We want to look beautiful.

Our table was booked with the name labeled and I was  so happy to see my name. After some time of celebrating FIMO 50th Birthday they announced and called Wendy Didi and me on stage on behalf of our ladies from Samunnat Nepal.  They donated 8004 Euro and I was very happy and my eyes were full of tears.  We appreciate their generous support and empowering us.  We told the friends how we planned to use this amazing donation.  It was a very big night with lots of fun like fireimg_0683 works which I had never seen it before and delicious meals and drinks.  The party was too late till  1 o’clock night but I don’t realize that time passed so quickly.

My whole time was full of excitement, meeting with lovely friends, touring and trying new dishes and I enjoyed gelato and the German pastries.  Entire myimg_0692 journey would be impossible without the friends at Staedtler and Wendy Didi and Malcolm Dai.  Every moment that I have spent in Germany I am very thankful to them. I can only do this with positive and supportive generosity and thoughts of beautiful friends of Samunnat and we love to give them big thank for whole img_0406Journey that I made it.

Once again thank you very much to Susanne, Nils, Dani, Natalia, Victoria, Kerstin, Peggy and Charlie.

Part 3 talks about what we plan to do with the Staedtler donation!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey