a colourful journey

For the past six months, two incredibly patient young men have been helping us to revamp our website and set up two Samunnat Nepal shop sites, including a wholesale one. This is to help us be as independent and efficient as possible. Over seven years ago, Cynthia Tinapple set up our site and has encouraged and nurtured it and us ever since. Most of the ladies in the photo of us looking at that site had never seen a computer when we first showed them their website. And now we have our own iPad and some of us are Instagram savvy! We have come a long way.

Ned and Jason from Wedje Designs have spent lots of time helping us to work out what we need and setting up a site that works responsively with us.  We are thrilled to finally be launching it!  Suffice it to say, there will be teething issues and we do ask you to bear with us and alert us to any of those teething issues that you find!  I have no doubt that errors that do exist are most likely to be mine (Wendy!) and not theirs.

As most of you know, the money we use to help women comes primarily from our wholesale jewellery sales and loose bead sales via Kazuri West.  Thanks to Ned and Jason, we now have a small shop attached to the site. Items in this shop are usually on sale, one of a kind and/ or discontinued stock.  You won’t find the items we sell to our lovely wholesale buyers but we provide a list of shops stocking that jewellery on our shop page! This will be our only shopfront as our etsy shop is now closed.

We are now open for Christmas shopping!  If you buy something from the shop before mid November it will be sent immediately but, from mid November until just before Christmas the sahuni (shopkeeper) is back in Nepal, so nothing will be mailed from then until after Christmas! Do bear this in mind when you shop.

So…this has been a huge amount of work but we hope worthwhile in the long run!  Please enjoy exploring our updated site and thanks you being part of the journey!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey