a colourful journey

On Instagram and Facebook we have been posting photos of our Kids’ Centre.  This has been work in progress for quite some time now. We know that for many women affected by violence, getting training or attending court is really hindered by lack of child care.  In a good situation, women have the support of extended family but most of our ladies are not in a good situation!  We want to provide them with the opportunity to access affordable and quality child care. Montessori based child care centres are springing up like mushrooms in Nepal and Birtamod is no exception. Some of these are great and some of these are run purely as businesses. Just like many schools and hospitals here.  Most are way beyond the means of our ladies.

We decided to transform our downstairs room into a child care centre. Samunnat Nepal helped Maya to do her Montessori training In Kathmandu and she is ready to start work. Muna, another Samunnat client, is able to be an assistant and an itinerant artist was happy to paint a mural for board and chiya.  She got Kalpana and Bishnu involved too!

We worked out policies and costs and requirements and after months of the work the first enrolments have been taken! We have a capacity for ten children and there is the potential for occasional child care as well. We love hearing the sounds of the kids as they play downstairs and Manisha, one of our clay artists, loves the convenience of having her little one close and well care for!  In this photo she is completing her registration forms.

Our dream is to have a purpose built child care centre but this is a way off. We would like to combine it with more accommodation as we are now filled to capacity and the need for short-medium term accommodation is increasing.  But that is a whole other post!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey