a colourful journey

We thought over the next few days that we would share some really encouraging things that are happening. Samunnat exists to help women who are vulnerable and often the most powerful way we can help is to ensure they can be educated.  Women who are educated are more likely to know their rights and are less likely to marry young. If they can read, they can learn and fight for justice if required.

You may recall us writing about Ekshan whose mum could not afford to pay her school fees while she was pursuing justice and compensation.  Her school were saying she had to leave. Thanks to the Staedtler FIMO donation we were able to pay her fees so that she could continue schooling and sit her IRON GATE exams, the big exams that take place at the end of Class ten.

Ekshan studied really hard and passed very well. We were all so proud and happy.  We decided to help Ekshan gain admission to college and now she has been accepted into one of our local colleges who are going to meet us half way with school fees.

Well done Ekshan and thank you to the staff at her College!


A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey