a colourful journey

Here is the story of our amazing Bulu. She is a young Rajbansi girl, one of our Adivasi (indigenous) people. She is a single mother of two small children. Bulu was married by her family at 14 to one Indian man but he left and she has not heard anything from him since one year.  She is living with her parents but needs to earn an income for her family and her sister suggest the idea of selling chatpati. Chatpati is delicious snack which is made with noodles, lemon juice, salt, chill, onion, tomato, coriander and spices.

Doing this business herself she borrowed a selling cart but had to spend NRs 4000/- on repairs. She borrowed some money and started this business which is a hard job to pull and push the heavy cart and she has the little ones. With just starting with very little money she is already paying her school fees and feeding herself and every few days she tries to save NRs50/- (approx. AUD0.60) She heard about Samunnat and our Cooperative and came to talk with us and we were so inspired by her courage and determination.

Her wish list is that after three months she can make her own wooden cart and be independent so we are helping her by lending the amount for this with no interest and giving her very big fee reduction for her baby to go to our Montessori creche.  Bulu is very courageous and powerful and we were all so inspired when she shared her story. Not many ladies sell chatpati and she feels very proud of doing this job.

When I was talking with her to ask if we could write about her she was so proud and offered me chapati so I could taste how good it was!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey