a colourful journey

Society in Nepal is changing fast. With so many of our young people going overseas to countries like Saudi Arabia and Korea to work, the structure of society is changing. Roles that would once have been shared by the extended family are now having to be paid for.  This is simply the reality. The emergence of a time poor middle class is becoming more and more obvious even outside Kathmandu.

We are responding to these changes and seeing if we can make some of them work for us.  Certainly the need for child care shows that families are less able to provide child care and this is also happening in other areas. We are trying to see opportunities for job creation in these changes.

We have established a small catering group of ladies who can be employed short term to assist at big events and functions like weddings and funerals.  These ladies can help where the families want to cater but need more help to do it. Or…they can run the show! They can all cook traditional Nepali dishes but have been receiving training in the very popular Southern Indian cuisine and other dishes that will heighten their chances of being booked!

Here at Samunnat, we benefitted from their lessons in South Indian cuisine. We really enjoyed eating kofta, barfi (sweets), paneer pakoda (a cheese dish), and kheer (rice pudding). Our Wendy didi is so happy because she can eat all these because they are gluten free and have no maida or Atta (wheat flour).

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey