a colourful journey

One morning I got call from one of our old client, Depkala. At age 29 Depkala was widowed with one year old son. She worked very hard breaking stones at the riverside for her survival until she was 48. She always feel so vulnerable and scared of the responsibilities for her son and his further education too.

After some time she met a man who assured her that he would cover all expenses of her son education and give them love too. Depkala knew this was not a love marriage but it was a deal. And she hoped that eventually he will love her. She convinced her son that he had a new father who would support him. Her son liked his new daddy who talked with him and bought him clothes. Things looked like they were finally going to work out for Depkala so they got married in a Mandir (temple) and stayed in Depkala’s small room.

After few months the man changed and started to show his real attitude. Eventually Depkala discovered that he already had two wives and 5 children. Before he told her that his wife and kids had left him. Depkala was desperate and in away still hopeful so stayed with him, and gave him most of the money that she and her son earn as usual breaking stones.

Depkala somehow tolerated the man’s behaviors and his torture but his sexual harassment and violence increased so she decided after 9 years staying with that man to get legal help and came to Samunnat. We have registered her case with the court and are providing legal representation. Even after she came to Samunnat, that man was threatening her and harassing her. Some male villagers were also supporting him and one freezing cold night in Poush (our very cold month) they came and took all the bedding of her and her son. She and her son had to flee to her friends house whole night to escape from the cold.

Early in the morning she rang me and wanted to go to the police to get her stuff back for survival from cold.  I knew this would take a long time. I discussed with our ladies of Samunnat they said before going to police the best thing is buy the Sirak quilt and Dashing (white cover). I called Depkala and gave her the money and she bought herself covers and quilts for herself and her son.  She is happy to put her photo.

I want to thank every buyer and our jewelry lovers for their  compassion and I want them to know that buying polymer is giving life to people in many ways. Even in little ways like buying blankets.  I hope when you read our blog it will tells you happiness is in your small efforts.


A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey