a colourful journey

Kopila continues:

It was a really interesting time talking to the girls about their periods.  Just over half of the girls were sometimes using ready made pads from the shop (when they had to go out or to school) and folded sari fabric the rest of the time. The other girls were using folded sari pads. I told them about the pads that could be made like those made by Days for Girls.  The girls were surprised when I said that really good comfortable and effective pads could be made from recycled sari and sheet fabric and I showed them how good they were.  They were convinced that these are hygienic and affordable. I told them how we are too influenced by advertising and said that none of the agencies who make the pads are thinking about the environment.  We also want to keep our environment clean and talked about how pads from fabric help.

We also talked about keeping the environment clean and not just throwing away plastic products and glass. We talked about using fabric bags instead of plastic bags and I asked them to tell their mum and dad to keep fabric bags handy all the time when they are shopping.

I showed them our first book Bibhuti discovers how babies are made and they loved it. They can’t wait to see our next one about What’s Happening to My Body [Neither can I: Ed]

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey