a colourful journey

Every year, a group of travellers visit the ladies of Samunnat as part of the Colourful Journey.  In this trip which is led by Bishnu Rai of Himalayan Sunrise and our own Wendy didi, the ladies travelled on the road less travelled to places on eastern Nepal where many tourists don’t go!  It is a wonderful time of sharing and often a highlight of the trip for people.  They have a  polymer clay lesson from the Samunnat ladies and we all have a picnic together. Kopila asked the Samunnat ladies to talk about the visit from their eyes!  All the ladies had plenty to say so this post will be in several parts.  Kopila has translated the Nepali originals.

Manisha: First we were a little nervous because we were going to welcome our guests in English.  We have practise some lines many times. I was thinking to talk in English in our polymer clay class too. As with all the Colourful Journeys, our guests were very friendly. When we were in the polymer teaching class, we sat next to one participant. I was a little nervous with my mixed up Nepali English but I felt very relief to have Wendy didi close to me. Each of our guests were very friendly and lovely. We exchange our laughter and our pain. We laughed and enjoyed their 4 days stay and we each other cried when they went. But their love and affection is in my heart!

Pramila: We were all ladies getting ready to welcome them with flowers and khadha (ceremonial scarves).  My task was to write a welcoming banner. I did it with so much excitement.  I was looking forward to see who will be my colleague and I did try myself speaking English in front of Kopila didi many times. Every morning we greeted each other in English before the visitors arrived.  It was really exciting to be together for the few days with our guests.  We have this beautiful tradition of worshipping our guests as a god.  Each of us did try to speak but our guests were so easy and loving they seemed very close and helpful.  We have to thank them for enjoying their stay in spite of the difficulties they had here.  We hope we will stay in touch for our Samunnat journey.

Samjhana: We had done our work division and my work was to make flower bouquets with Rita, Anu and Ambika.  On the day the visitors arrived, I was really nervous for my English. I am not good at English at all and I have no long schooling because of my heart operation.  Hardly  I could tell my name in english but it was very good to have English lessons with Sarah didi.  Our visitors were very friendly and lovely.  They easily learned the lesson of new spice petal bracelet and mala.  We were very empowered when we have spent lots of time with them.  They encouraged us and we also realised that we can be helpful with each other.

More tomorrow!

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey