a colourful journey

Continued reflections on the Colourful Journey trip…

Dipa: My friend Lyn was very friendly.  She was very excited and energetic.  In our class I tried to understand English with expression but I didn’t always understand lots of things that she said. But the main things that she was very friendly and lovely to me even without us speaking the same language.

Anu: My friend was Sharon and I loved her focussing on her work in class. She was hard working.  I learned that we need to concentrate on our creations.  At the end of our visitors day we had a very lovely picnic and we got plenty of time to know each other.  We realised that women who are united have power!

Sunita: It was a very fun and lovely time with our visitors. I am little bit shy person but during their stay I have learnt so many openness and being compassionate.  I have learnt making friends from overseas even when we can’t speak same language.  Thank you for accepting me to be your friend. 

Sharmila: It was a very effective learning of making friends and welcoming our visitors.  They were such lovely, clean hearted and helpful personalities and the very impressive thing for me was they were energetic and adjustable in any situations.  I feel they were so open and did not have prejudices of us or expectations.  It was beautiful two way of giving love.

Tomorrow, more ladies will talk about how this experience was for them.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey