a colourful journey

And our final instalment about the Colourful Journey!

Sano Rita: I loved their simplicity, honesty and friendliness.  Our love went two ways.  It was fun wrapping them in sari and putting make up on their face and mehendi (Henna) on their palms.  My friend, Kate looked so beautiful in her sari.  She is very lovely and has a beautiful voice when she speaks and sings. We both danced. I love her.

Bishnu: It was a very special time with our visitors.  Mainly I want to thank them because they love me very much.  I am not very good in English or in making beads but they encouraged me.  I had a long time wish to buy myself some gold earrings. I was saving up my money slowly to buy my earrings. I do not have family to buy my gold earrings.  When Kopila told them my saving and plan, they were like angels and took me to the goldsmith and bought me some earrings. Thank you lovely friends.

Sita: It was a special day of preparing welcoming speeches in English which was like very hard to me although I am not a good talker in English.  I was planning and practising sentences for talking but in front of them felt very nervous.  But I think I introduced myself in good English!  My friend was also very helpful and patient and lovely.

Gita: Firstly, I am not good in English and nervous of talking.  But as I have practised, my friend said I spoke very nicely.  I loved their concentration and enthusiastic energy of learning how to make beads.  Overall, they were very close to us and we are too. Love you all!

Ambika: When the visitors arrived were were ready with our Spice Bangle class.  After welcomes we had our introduction and I was very happy when some of them spoke in Nepali.  I was very happy and keen to meet our visitors and had lots of curiousness about teaching them.  I was thinking some of them might be very good in making polymer beads and I was right because some of them were very good artists.  I learnt many positive things from them and it was a very wonderful time!

The time that the ladies spend with the travellers is one of respectful, joyful and dignified exchange. The ladies are proud that they have skills and talents to share.  They love that it is a two way exchange.

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey