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We don’t get funding from the Nepali government. The bulk of our funding is raised by our supporters, some wonderful regular donors and an Australian based organisation called Samunnat Inc., Please note that we do not sell jewellery and jewellery cannot be purchased from us in Birtamod. Samunnat Inc. sells our jewellery to distributors to raise funds for us.

Our friends and supporters are a vital part of the Samunnat family. We share the journey, encourage one another, inspire one another and grow in confidence and hope. 

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Our artists are so proud that the work of their hands gives them independence and enables Samunnat to do what it does. Our jewellery is hand made by ladies doing it tough in a developing country. We are affected by challenging logistics, intermittent electricity, strikes, earthquakes, problems with supply of materials and other issues. In spite of this, we continue to delight many customers who have received gorgeous items in a reasonably timely manner.

Go HERE to see our online store or find our Australian stockists HERE.

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Tell people about the shops that sell our jewellery. Use social media to let others know about your Samunnat purchases and spread the word!

There is only one way to come and visit us…

…and that is if you join on of Himalayan Sunrise’s Colourful Journey Tour, You spend several days with the ladies of Samunnat Nepal and learn how to make beautiful polymer beads in a context that will be treasured highlight of your life.  Read more about the tour here.

The ladies are paid for teaching and for providing a cultural experience that is unique in Nepal. Many travellers say that their time with us was the highlight of their trip! Read more about it here.

Update: Obviously as COVID19 ravages the world no-one is visiting!




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To be perfectly honest, we really hope that you find something lovely that you would like to buy to support us but if you aren’t near a shop that stocks our work and you would still like to make a donation then OF COURSE we are grateful! We have glorious individuals who support us with ongoing and regular donations and wonderful donations for specific pieces of equipment like our generator, ovens, pasta machines and sewing machines. If you would like to make a donation, please use the DONATE button just to the left which means you can donate via PayPal. You will receive a receipt and we will let you know how your donation has helped.


A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey