a colourful journey

Our People

The women of Jhapa, Nepal

Obviously, the most important people in the Samunnat family are the women we hope to empower.  These women bring their own strengths, experiences and wisdom to the situations they face.  With support, encouragement and practical assistance, they can face the challenges that are ahead of them.

Each woman’s plan is a collaborative effort. Her needs, resources and goals are part of the planning process.  At the conclusion of each assessment, based on needs, reality and resources, we sign an agreement about what action is to be taken and who does what to be part of the solution.  Right from the start, women are involved in their plan and the need for working together rather than working for is emphasised.  We regularly consult with the women about future program development and their contributions shape product development and the direction of Samunnat Nepal.

Our Board

Samunnat began when Kopila Basnet and Gopal Khatiwada, Kul Prasad Baral, Yog Prasad Mishra, Kedar Pokharal and Jayadharma Pokarel got together to do something for women who were victims of violence. They formed the first Board and we are grateful to them for their vision. Like all boards, ours changes periodically but we are fortunate to have had a core of enthusiastic and loyal people who have been on the journey from the start. Our great joy is that we now have at least 50% board members who are women who have been through the program.

Our friends and supporters

Samunnat Nepal is a local, grass roots organisation established by Nepalis for Nepali women in Jhapa.  We receive no government funding and raise money to help the women by selling beads and jewellery and gratefully accepting donations. Several years ago we received a grant from Ausaid, to run a group training program and purchase a generator.  More recently, the international polymer clay community helped us to build a permanent home. People from all over the world continue to provide practical and emotional support, like Cathy who made the beautiful  video above.  To you all, dhanyabad…thank you.
A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey