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Buying our products

We are thrilled if you want to buy Samunnat jewellery…


…but we don’t sell our jewellery directly. Our jewellery is sold to distributors by Samunnat Inc. which is an Australian based fundraising body. This group is entirely voluntary, registered with the Australian Tax Office and ACNC, and is a member of the Fair Trade Association.   

ALL funds raised go to Samunnat Nepal to continue the work of empowering women who are vulnerable because of violence.  The only money not sent directly is the money used to purchase clay…and that goes directly to the ladies!.  

Every piece of jewellery is hand made by our team of enthusiastic, empowered women who are paid a fair wage (which they have helped to determine).  In spite of irregular mail, intermittent electricity, occasional earthquakes, pandemics and political instability, we create gorgeous products and send them to Friends of Samunnat to use to raise funds for our program..  


Are you a retailer?

Samunnat Nepal does not sell jewellery directly. Jewellery is sold by Samunnat Inc., an Australian based fundraising body. They warmly welcome enquiries from prospective retailers who would like to support us by buying and selling our beautiful jewellery. Please get in touch with our distributor using the button below to discuss wholesale options.

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Here are some shops and websites where you CAN buy Samunnat jewellery:

A Colourful Journey

A Colourful Journey